Calvin met Kristi Hemingway in Los Angeles (1985) during the Covenant Player summer training and married 3 years later.

After finishing their commitment in Europe they enrolled at Colorado Christian University  for a higher education. Kristi had her associates degree, so she finished her B.A. in ’92. Calvin spent 4 1/2 years completing a B.A. in biblical studies with a music minor.

They returned to  Europe for almost 6 years, church planting with a para-church organization called Christian Associates International.  Levi was born in Paris, France a few weeks after the turn of the millennium. Eden came in October of 2001 after they had to move back to Denver.

Marked Men For Christ is a powerful ministry that has changed both Calvin and Kristi’s lives.  

Calvin was the worship leader at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arvada (2002 – 2005) and as the interim worship director at Lookout Mountain Community church in Genesee for 4 months in 2008.

Calvin is available as a free-lance worship leader

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